June 29, 2021

As the saying goes, ‘the height of sophistication is simplicity’ and with a career spanning six decades mastering his craft The Balvenie Malt Master David C. Stewart MBE’s new range of premium Single Malts is the epitome of this concept. The Rare Marriages range is a tribute to David’s dedication to designing and building exceptional flavour, through the marriage of rare casks. The Balvenie Twenty-Five is the hero product and the first expression of this range. As a permanent fixture in the Speyside distillery’s portfolio, the Rare Marriages range is created for discerning drinkers to discover the incredibly complex in the seemingly simple. Understanding the marriage that occurs in the Traditional Oak Marrying Tun is an art form of science and alchemy. Alongside David’s expert nose and intuitive knowledge, his skilful blending of elements created these incredibly intricate and balanced expressions which personify The Balvenie character through the years. Malt Master David C. Stewart MBE: “The Balvenie has incredible depth of flavour, and our Rare Marriages Range is designed to unveil intricacies of our whisky in a bold marriage of extraordinary character. This range reflects the very essence of luxury through the experience of layers of flavours. On the surface, the first release of The Balvenie Twenty - Five expression is immediately recognisable as The Balvenie with the distinct rich honey and underlying rich oakiness however when given time, the flavour unfolds to reveal a whole new depth – from toasted marshmallow and caramelised pear to citrus richness and mellow oakiness. Made from casks that have stood the important test of time, this special whisky has a distinct profile and experience which we have designed to reveal the wonderful depth of The Balvenie Single Malt.” Head of Customer Marketing, Global Travel Retail Lindsay Rae-Hizeroth: “The Balvenie Twenty-Five reflects the unparalleled mastery and dedication of David C. Stewart MBE, the longest serving Malt Master in the Scotch whisky industry. We are excited to release this premium expression into the Global Travel Retail market this Summer.” The timing is also exciting as airports across the world begin to resume operations - after this very difficult period of time for the industry in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. There is sure to be pent-up demand from travellers seeking premium expressions as they travel again; and we are confident the Balvenie Twenty-Five will have the stand-out shelf appeal to help satisfy that demand. Together with a very select group of retail partners, we look forward to introducing the full Balvenie Rare Marriages Range to GTR later this year.” The Balvenie Rare Marriages range will be available from selected Travel Retailers from July 2021; The Balvenie Twenty-five ABV 48% presented in its own case designed to represent the unfurling of flavour in the marrying process with golden rings for every year of maturation. To follow will be The Balvenie Thirty ABV 44.2% and The Balvenie Forty Cask Strength.

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