Rodenstock showcases Bric’s partnership with new high-profile Frankfurt Airport opening

December 15, 2022

Rodenstock and Bric’s have teamed up to showcase the power of partnership as the premium eyewear brand opens a new dedicated retail space in the luxury Italian brand’s store at Frankfurt Airport. The two companies, who share a focus on classic and stylish design, crafted from premium materials, unveiled their partnership at last month’s TFWA World Exhibition with a shared stand space in the Palais in Cannes. That same partnership is at the root of the new outlet at Frankfurt Airport, which sees Rodenstock taking a dedicated backwall space to increase the offer and appeal for shoppers and drive cross-category purchasing in the market. The Rodenstock collections are showcased on a stylish, purpose-built display on the interior wall of the store. The bright lighting and wood details catch the eye of consumers drawing them deeper into the shop, creating additional engagement opportunities for both brands. Rodenstock’s iconic designs, and popular new releases such as the Elegance Classic and Retro Classic concepts, are presented in a manner which compliments the wider Bric’s offer, creating a seamless shopping experience for customers and demonstrating the collaborative nature of the brands’ partnership. Every Rodenstock design features the premium quality lenses which are a signature of the brand, and ensure the safety and health of wearer’s eyes, alongside their classic styling and premium materials. Lucas Gestin, Director Global Travel Retail, Rodenstock said: “Both Bric’s and Rodenstock share a dedication to creating truly beautiful items which are crafted to look good and last, using the very best of materials. This makes our partnership an obvious one to bring to life for travel retail shoppers. “At a time when the travelling shopper is looking for excitement and differentiation, collaborations such as this set our brands and our market apart in the wider retail space. We are delighted to be working with a brand such as Bric’s which exudes both the highest quality and a forward-thinking approach to creating excitement and newness in travel retail.” Roberto Briccola, President of Bric’s, added: “It’s a pleasure for us to partner with Rodenstock and to introduce the premium eyewear brand inside our Store at Frankfurt Airport. This is a perfect example of synergic collaboration: the increased and high-quality selection of products will certainly be appreciated by travel retail shoppers. “The excellence of Bric’s and Rodenstock products can be discovered through use, thus discovering not only their quality and durability, but also their extreme functionality. We strongly believe that functionality is an important added value for improving the consumer's quality of life and the user experience of excellent products such as those that both brands offer on the market.” The Bric’s store is located in Departure Area B of Terminal 2 at Frankfurt Airport.

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