Ricola takes travel retail tins to TFWA WE

September 22, 2021

Ricola is delighted to return to the TFWA World Exhibition this year, where it will be focusing on its 90g tins with sugar, Original Herb and Lemon Mint (Mediterranean Village, N9). First launched last autumn, Ricola sees TFWA World Exhibition as the perfect opportunity to give these two SKUs a further push as the industry begins to recover from Covid-19. Alongside the sugar-included range, Ricola will also highlight its existing travel retail exclusive tins, multipacks and pouches, including travel-inspired designs for its 200g tins. Andreas Reckart, Vice President Sales Middle East & Travel Retail for Ricola, says: “By adding a sugar-included range, we believe we are offering consumers a more balanced and rounded selection that will widen the overall appeal of Ricola.” Ricola exhibits at TFWA WE after a summer that, continues Reckart, has “seen a satisfactory increase in business within our key European market. “2021 has certainly been more dynamic than 2020, however we are still very far from what he had in 2019. The main drivers of this increase were the airport, ferry and border trade channels, which have all seen benefits from the resuming regional traffic,” he says. Business in the Middle East is also starting to see positive result, adds Reckart, but Asia, with the exception of Hainan and Jeju, is still almost non-existent. “It has obviously been a terrible couple of years for the industry, but our commitment to travel retail and strategy to develop our busines remains as strong as ever,” says Reckart. “For sure, we are really happy that TFWA World Exhibition is taking place physically this year and that we will finally be catching up with our partners in person. Let us hope that 2022 will see the industry start to flourish once again.”

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