Perfetti van Melle returns to Global Travel Retail activations in Dubai & Copenhagen

June 1, 2022

Perfetti van Melle (PVM) is pleased to report high levels of passenger engagement and an uplift in sales from two recent Global Travel Retail brand activations for Mentos in Dubai and Copenhagen. Perfetti van Melle returned to Global Travel Retail brand activations earlier this year in January and February with two Mentos promotions in Dubai and Copenhagen airports, partnering with Dubai Duty Free and Gebr. Heinemann receptively. For the Dubai Duty Free promotion held over six weeks in January and February, the Mentos brand activation offered customers four different sleeve designs when purchasing a Jumboroll as a gift. Travellers were able to choose a personalised message in combination with their favourite Mentos flavour. The promotion provided an uplift of double the usual sales volume. The HPP was a real success with lots of happy customers, according to the Mentos brand ambassador. “The Mentos promotion attracted people to the confectionary store and with help of a brand ambassador on site, we significantly increased consumer engagement with the Mentos brand,” said Sander Prins, PVM Sales Manager for the MENA area for Global Travel Retail. “We provided an extra personal touch for customers to personalise their Mentos Jumboroll with a special theme, to show love, gratefulness, or friendship to their loved ones. The promotion was a great sales boost in a period when the industry is craving additional turnover after the big pandemic period decline.” For the Copenhagen brand activation, Perfetti van Melle partnered with Gebr. Heinemann in January and February to promote Mentos Gum and Mentos Jumborolls for a sunglasses gift with purchase activation. Travellers could participate in taking selfies with the Mentos branding messaging as a backdrop: ‘Be in the clouds with Mentos’ and ‘Be inside a Mentos Gum bottle’. “The sunglasses promotion did very well. We hope the kids love them and enjoy them during their holidays,” said Dennis Hermann, PVM Sales Manager for Asia area and Heinemann. Both promotions provided a positive sales boost and Perfetti van Melle looks forward to further GTR brand activations planned across its brand portfolio in 2022.

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