Nuwave Channel Partners to showcase Bitmore 100% recycled plastics electronics and travel ranges in debut Cannes appearance

September 27, 2021

Travel and technology product manufacturer and distributor Nuwave Channel Partners is excited to announce that it will this year make its first ever appearance as an exhibitor at the TFWA World Exhibition & Conference in Cannes (Blue Village F6). The company’s major focus at the event will be on its fast-expanding range of technology products, produced especially for the travel market under its successful and well-established Bitmore brand. The USP of the products is their use of recycled plastic and reclaimed wheat straw as base materials, as part of the company’s stated aim to reduce plastic waste in travel retail. In addition, Bitmore products come with biodegradable packaging and use environmentally friendly water-based inks. The 100% recycled plastic range includes more than 25 products covering powerbanks, QI chargers, headphones, speakers, cables and wellness and travel accessories. Many of these products come with a choice of colours. Speaking about why his company is focusing on sustainability as a driver in its product offer, Nuwave Channel Partners CEO Hoj Parmar said: “Research has shown that the general consensus of travelling consumers is that they would make a conscious decision to favour products or brands with sustainable aspects, whether it is reducing the use of plastic and other environmentally-unfriendly substances in the manufacture of products or using recycled materials for packaging. “It’s with this in mind that we continue to develop products, including our recycled plastic Bitmore ranges, under our ‘eco:sense’ banner, and pursue a wide range of other sustainability goals within our business. "We want to offer consumers a choice of products that can help them to minimise their individual carbon footprints – that’s a very important focus for us at Nuwave Channel Partners, and we hope it resonates with potential retailers and airlines who share the same goals.” To cement these commitments, Nuwave has recently been certified with the RSC standard, which is proof that the company has a regular and fully audited trail to prove that the plastics it uses are 100% recycled. Further underlining Nuwave’s sustainability credentials, the company has also recently achieved accreditation to the CSR-A Silver Standard. The accreditation is a visible testimony of excellence in social responsibility and helps Nuwave to integrate social, environmental, ethical, human rights and consumer concerns into its business operations and strategy. The TripClip Travel Pro, a product which recently won a major travel retail award (the TRBusiness Travel Retail Awards Best Travel Accessories Product 2021), will also be on display at the Nuwave Channel Partners stand in Cannes. Invented by Joe Shortt and manufactured and distributed in travel retail by Nuwave, the worldwide patented TripClip Travel Pro is unique, simply solving the issue of having to hold your electronic device whilst on board an aircraft or other mode of transport. The product has no complex mechanical parts, and no batteries are needed for it. The lightweight, compact device attaches simply and securely to seatbacks in seconds. Nuwave's product line-up for Cannes is completed by its Lego range of travel-exclusive products and accessories, for which it holds the status of exclusive distributor for European region travel retail. Pre-pandemic, many products from Nuwave Channel Partners’ ranges were sold on more than 50 international airlines. Hoj Parmar reports that as the air travel market picks up, many of these clients are coming back on board, including some of the world’s biggest airlines. He points out that the TripClip product has been the top seller on board Ryanair in recent months and the environmental credentials of Bitmore 100% recycled plastics products will be a catalyst for building up that airline business once again. Excitingly, Parmar says he is also currently in discussions with several major travel retailers, covering Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and the Americas, to see products from Bitmore appear on the shelves of airport stores for the first time. He hopes to use this debut appearance at Cannes to bring his products to the attention of more international travel retailers and airlines. Looking forward to the Cannes event, Parmar said: “Given the exhaustive safety protocols in place, there is no reason why this kind of show cannot go ahead, just as long as people are able to travel to them. People are sure to behave responsibly in these environments and most delegates will be double vaccinated by the time these shows take place, if they are not already. ““Virtual events are great in many ways, but there is no substitute for that face-to-face meeting; that opportunity for potential customers to see your product ranges in person. We’ve simply got to get back to normality in my opinion, life has to go on – we can’t be kept wrapped up in these cocoons and bubbles forever. “It has long been an ambition of mine for Nuwave to have its own dedicated exhibition space at the TFWA World Exhibition, so I’m very proud that we have a presence at the event in October, even in a year when pandemic issues are sure to affect attendance levels.”

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