Nestlé’s Digitally Connected Shopper campaign for KitKat delivers 22 million impressions

March 23, 2022

Nestlé International Travel Retail (NITR) has run an exciting KitKat branding initiave to engage with consumers before entering the store. Based on M1nd-set research, which highlights that 55% of decisions to purchase a category are made before travellers enter the store, Nestlé’s ‘Digitally Connected Shopper’campaign series focused on extending the shopper journey, creating greater brand awareness, and deepening engagement with travellers as they pass through the airport. For its launch at key global airport destinations Dubai, Madrid and Hainan, run across December 2021 and January 2022, the KitKat campaign was featured across giant digital advertising hoardings with the aim to increase communications with target travellers. Slogans such as ‘Cele’break New Year – Discover KitKat at Dubai Airport’ and ‘Boarding – your ticket to an exclusive KitKat experience’ were designed to target travellers at a specific destination in their travel journey, pre-trip, in-trip and during travel. The Dubai campaign was a four-way partnership between Dubai Airports, Dubai Duty Free, JCDecaux and Nestlé, that helped to maximise the campaign’s impact to travellers, leveraging KitKat brand awareness throughout the passenger shopping journey at the airport. The communication programme embraced 177 digital screens strategically located before departures and at points of sale, to influence passengers and trigger purchases in Concourse A (Terminal 3) and Concourse D (Terminal 1). As Dubai Airport was opened at 100% of its capacity (in December), Nestlé wanted to leverage the increased PAX at this location, by having a 360 communication; including digital and in-store/in airport communication to deliver a maximum impact in driving sales and brand awareness during the day of the trip. The ‘Cele’break New Year’ campaign for Dubai featured a fun infographic depicting KitKat branding and a passenger’s packing journey – from suitcase angst to traveller joy. Meanwhile for Hainan, the infographic featured KitKat branding and a character travelling from a winter climate into a tropical one, showcasing the idea of travelling south in China. Says Nestlé ITR general manager Stewart Dryburgh: “This campaign was designed to extend KitKat’s digital brand awareness among returning global travellers. We wanted to celebrate the whole passenger journey at the airport with seasonal branded communications to drive traffic into our retail locations. Our goal was to increase and drive sufficient brand awareness and consideration, on top of our direct customer communication, especially in the case of an impulse category, such as confectionery. Whole trip targeting The KitKat campaign represents a new stage in digital marketing for Nestlé. The company is focused on ramping up opportunities to target travellers to a specific destination in their travel journey, and across three key stages of trip duration: Pre-trip: drive awareness in a fun and engaged way on the brand availability at the passenger’s visited airport. Day of the trip: drive awareness, consideration and purchase of KitKat Senses; a way to remind passengers of of KitKat exclusive product availability at their visited airport. During vacation: remind travellers of KitKat exclusive product availability at their visited airport once back from vacation with a focused communication on sharing / gifting. The results of the campaign show how travellers visiting Dubai, Madrid and Hainan airports were engaged with KitKat brand awareness in far greater numbers than expected. In total 22 million impressions were delivered across the three target locations via eight different high traffic platforms. “We saw strong click through rates across all formats – meeting or exceeding our target benchmarks for the campaign. The focus on digital engagement was paramount, so we were pleased to see a 1000% increase in website sessions for December vs the year average,” says Tamara Spada, Marketing Manager of Nestlé ITR. Whilst the Covid crisis meant comparable sales levels were more challenging to measure, there was also a notable and beneficial increase in brand sales in all three locations.

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