Nestlé brings its Food #1 category vision to the Americas through key focus brands

March 22, 2023

Nestlé International Travel Retail returns to the Summit of the Americas this year where it will present its ambition to build food into travel retail’s #1 category to the region’s buyers (BOOTH 101). As previously announced, this ambitious strategy will be delivered through the VERSE model, which harnesses Value, Engagement, Regeneration, Sense of Place and Execution. Nestlé will bring VERSE to life on its booth through key focus brands KitKat®, Smarties®, Nestlé Swiss® and After Eight®, along with non-confectionery brand Nescafé®. Alongside core ranges, new products presented at the Summit of the Americas will include: KitKat: Alongside the new KitKat Vegan bar and KitKat Senses Tablets, travel retail markets will see the arrival of new Pistachio and Lotus Biscuit flavours for KitKat Senses Mini Moments; a four-flavour KitKat Mix Sharing Bag (replacing Honeycomb with new White flavour, along with Dark, Milk and Orange); and updated flavours (Peanut Butter, Milk and White) for the KitKat Chunky Mix Gift Pack. Supporting the iconic brand’s presence in travel retail is the global KitKat Live Your Break campaign, using the tagline ‘Break in a World of Flavour’. The campaign, which uses 360-degree digital communication tools to target consumers across their full travel journey, is now live across key airports including within Latin America. Smarties: Having switched to 100% recyclable paper packaging, Smarties continues to lead the sustainable narrative for confectionery within travel retail. This spring sees the launch of the new Smarties Cool Creatures, designed to inspire imagination and sea exploration through learning. The kit includes 4 sea-creature construction sheets, 1 playmat, 8 pencils and sticker sheets. It also includes four mini tubes of Smarties, tasty milk chocolates coated in crispy, colourful shells, in recyclable paper packaging. Exclusive to travel retail, Cool Creatures represents Nestlé ITR’s first venture into augmented reality, with a QR code taking users/shoppers to a virtual world where they can access three digital experiences: marine explorer, fun facts and an expert quiz. Clicking on each option uses the phone camera to explore a virtual marine world providing hours of educational fun for children as they learn through play. An irresistible Gin, Tonic & Mint flavour After Eight limited edition, in 400g travel-exclusive pack, joins this regional favourite; whilst a milk chocolate and hazelnut addition joins the Nestlé Swiss 170g tablet range. While confectionery will continue to be the driving force of the food category (currently 77% of food purchases within global travel retail), retailers are grasping the scale of opportunity for the wider sector, particularly in coffee and well-being. At the SOA, Nestlé will highlight its travel retail options for the Nescafé Roastery Collection - a premium instant coffee built on a patented split roasting process using high quality Arabica beans. Offering travellers the unrivalled flavour of batch-roasted coffee, the Roastery Collection is offered in light and dark-roasted options. Light roast offers notes of rich caramelised honey paired with toasted biscuit, for a smooth and velvety finish, while the deliciously dark roast has notes of dark chocolate & roasted nut for a rich and intense flavour. Joining the portfolio for travellers is Nescafé Azera Americano – a barista-style Americano coffee collection designed to appeal to younger consumers. With a blend of instant and finely roasted coffee beans, travellers can enjoy the flavour and aroma of this classic coffee whenever required; just add hot water, stir, and serve. Americano, Americano Decaff and Americano Intense versions ensure all traveller needs are met. Both Nescafé Roastery and Azera Collections are supported instore by dedicated merchandising units and offline/online digital media and, importantly, travelling consumers can rest assured that every jar or can purchased meets Nestlé’s ‘Cup of Respect’ whereby coffee is grown, manufactured, packaged and enjoyed respectfully and according to the Returning to the Summit of the Americas is a clear indication of Nestlé’s commitment to the region. Says NITR Global Head of Sales Jorge Hadweh: “We have enjoyed very good sales recovery in the region since the Covid Pandemic thanks to the expanded distribution of our iconic brands in both airport and non-airport channels of distribution. We’ve also seen very good performance from our core brands and NPD’s, helping us to grow our sales ahead of passenger growth in the region’s strategic locations. We’re very much looking forward to meeting up with our partners and colleagues in West Palm Beach, continuing our ambition to make Food travel retail’s #1 category.

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