January 18, 2022

Glenfiddich, the renowned Scotch Whisky owned by William Grant & Sons, announces its third limited-edition packaging for Glenfiddich’s Gran Reserva 21 Year Old Single Malt gift pack created by Shenzhen-based artist Rlon Wang exclusively for travel retail, along with its 12, 15, 18 Year Old Malt Whisky gift packs in domestic outlets. Released into the travel retail market in December and in plenty of time for Chinese New Year (31 January to 15 February 2022), Glenfiddich unveils the final edition in the Rlon Wang-designed series trilogy of Chinese New Year gift packs that embraces the occasion in celestial style. Partnering again with the rising star Chinese illustrator, Glenfiddich CNY limited edition gift packs invite a look to the future and imagine a world where good fortune and auspicious wonders await. The 2022 limited edition bottle completes a trilogy of thought-provoking stories told in the design of the limited-edition gift packs. The story began with Charles Gordon (son-in-law of Glenfiddich founder William Grant) and his epic journey to bring the Speyside Scotch whisky to the world. The following year saw the magnificent telling of the ‘Great Homecoming’, where the Glenfiddich Stag honours his triumphant return home with magical and wonderous stories to share. Translated as ‘Fu Lu’ in Mandarin, the iconic Stag perfectly encapsulates the sentiments of wealth, prosperity and longevity for this hopeful time of year and the concluding and grand finale is an awe-inspiring imagining of what we ask when we finally reach home after any great adventure – where next? A curiousness and future-thinking vision is woven into the DNA and story of Glenfiddich. Always pushing boundaries and challenging conventions, the independent family of visionaries dare to go boldly where no Malt Master had gone before. Over 130 years of experimentation and innovation led to the creation of a liquid that is the world’s most awarded Single Malt Scotch Whisky today. This excitement for new and extraordinary experiences can be tasted in every sip of the exceptional Single Malt included in the gift pack series and dating back to when Glenfiddich first created the malt category in 1963. Will Peacock, Global Luxury Director says: “With the conclusion of this series of limited-edition CNY packs, artist Rlon Wang speaks to our time by capturing a feeling of optimism for the future. The talented illustrator, a fellow maverick in his field, takes our characters on one final journey to a horizon of possibility and opportunity.” Artist Rlon Wang says of the partnership: “I greatly enjoyed working with Glenfiddich for this final design; I was able to use a technique of multi-layered illustrations to put people’s brightest hopes and dreams on a canvas. I gave the design an otherworldly feel with the use of traditional symbols in futuristic forms. We see old friends - Glenfiddich’s Royal Stag and the traditional dancing Chinese lion - ascending to the stars with a bright galaxy in front of them; auspicious lanterns, lotus flowers and a soaring phoenix guide them into a vibrant world full of galactic proportions. Zero-gravity allows them to reach new heights, representing a boundless future that awaits.” The final Chinese New Year design by Rlong Wang is available with the Glenfiddich Gran Reserva 21 Year Old, and is an eye-catching addition to the premium gifting market within travel retail. Inside the vibrant gift pack lies an exquisite golden liquid that champions the finest flavours of Scotland. Daring innovation coupled with expert knowledge passed down through generations makes Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky a masterpiece to be shared and remembered. Gran Reserva, a collision of Scotland and the Caribbean, is a whisky that embodies Glenfiddich’s maverick spirit – celebrating the vibrancy of the Caribbean with its rum cask finish. The Glenfiddich Gran Reserva 21 Year Old Malt Whisky limited edition pack is now available in luxury whisky travel retail outlets in selected airports in Asia-Pacific (China, Taiwan, South-East Asia, Australia), EMEA and the US. The Glenfiddich Gran Reserva 21 Year Old CNY travellers’ exclusive pack with 43.2% ABV and the domestic Glenfiddich Reserva Rum Cask CNY packs contain liquid at 40% ABV.

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