DFDS Ferries teams with Aurora to launch sustainable Eco Nation plush onboard

May 24, 2021

Travel retail plush and gift specialist Aurora World has partnered with DFDS Ferries to launch its Eco Nation range of sustainable soft toys onboard two ships: Dunes and Flandres. Available onboard since April 2021, displayed via a specially designed merchandising unit, the Eco Nation collection is made from 100% recycled and natural materials and was introduced last year as part of Aurora’s goal to make all of its produced eco-friendly and sustainable. It includes a variety of popular plush animal characters including penguin, seal, panda, elephant, giraffe and flamingo. Kevin Johnson, DFDS Category Manager says: “DFDS are committed to reducing the use of plastics onboard our ferries and the introduction of soft toys made from natural and recycled materials is a fantastic statement from Aurora. I am thrilled to have the Eco Nation collection as part of our assortment for 2021 and the intelligent branding puts across a positive message that the customer can clearly understand” Garry Stoner, Aurora Travel Retail Sales Manager adds: “We have a strong business with DFDS. The launch of Aurora’s Eco Nation collection will create a new revenue stream tapping into those consumers looking for an Eco option. Important in our launch strategy is the communication of Eco Nations product credentials, messages such as ‘made from recycled and natural materials’ along with ‘8 PET bottles to produce 1 Eco Nation’ toy are key. We worked closely with DFDS to execute the branding message at point of retail and are very pleased with the results.”

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