Chupa Chups Strawberry Love Pouch Bag launches for summer

June 15, 2022

Perfetti van Melle (PVM), one of the top brands in the sugar confectionery segment for travel retail, has released details of an exciting new product development; the Chupa Chups Strawberry Love Pouch Bag with three delicious strawberry flavours. Chupa Chups Strawberry Love Pouch Bag PVM has launched the Chupa Chups Strawberry Love Pouch Bag exclusively into travel retail ahead of the busy summer holiday season. The Strawberry Love Pouch Bag includes 25 delicious strawberry lollipops in three Chupa Chups flavours: Strawberry, Strawberry Sour and Strawberry Cream. The Strawberry Love Pouch Bag replaces the Do You Love Me Pouch Bag and will be exclusively available in Europe region travel retail partner stores from July and rest of the world from August. “We are excited to develop a new pouch bag for Chupa Chups to provide newness and excitement in the sugar confectionery segment. We want to continuously update and energise our offer, so that our travel retail customers have a reason to include our latest products in their assortment,” said van Veen. Chupa Chups paper sticks The Strawberry Love Pouch Bag will feature all new Chupa Chups made with paper sticks. The globally loved Chupa Chups is moving away from its plastic lollipop sticks, replacing them with paper sticks. This measure is another step in PVM’s Reduce, Recycle, Recover program, which aims to deliver against meaningful measures to reduce plastics in our packaging, and eliminate plastic packaging where possible. Paper is the future for Chupa Chups lollipop sticks. It represents a better solution than plastic in terms of recyclability and compostability, while offering consumers the same high-quality Chupa Chups experience they’ve come to know and love. The Chupa Chups transition to paper sticks in travel retail started in June 2022 and PVM expects the full travel retail range to be available in paper sticks in all stores by the end of September.

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