Cabeau delivers stunning “blow” with newest Air Evolution inflatable neck pillow

Cabeau reasserted its leadership of the travel pillow market with the latest edition of its Air Evolution inflatable neck pillow. The new design features an upgraded machine-washable cover as well as a superior inflation system that significantly reduces the effort required to inflate and deflate the pillow. The packaging has also been redesigned to allow more display options in key retail locations where space is limited. The new release demonstrates not only Cabeau’s position as the world’s leading manufacturer of best-in-class travel pillows and accessories, but also the company’s dedication to working alongside travel retailers to continually improve its products which drive sales and strengthen brand loyalty. Air Evolution’s packaging has been reimagined as a compact, peggable box about the size of a soda can. This new format increases the merchandising options for the pillow which can be hung from peg hooks or displayed on shelves. The vertical orientation is particularly suited where space is limited and is ideal for showcasing close to impulse items at point-of-sale. For this new edition, the Air Evolution removable cover has been upgraded to a more luxurious feel for even greater comfort than the previous model. The pillow also introduces a new single-breath inflation system which includes a large, easily accessible valve that doesn’t require opening the pillow cover or squeezing the valve stem to inflate. All these features combine to make the market’s best inflatable travel pillow an even easier and more attractive solution for the modern traveller. Cabeau’s Global Travel Retail Sales Director Lital Guedalia says: “We are delighted to announce the newest edition of our popular, market-leading Air Evolution inflatable neck pillow. Compact size, comfort and ease-of-use are the key trends we identified from customers and industry partners to create the ideal inflatable pillow most preferred by savvy travellers.” “In the current climate, Cabeau believes it is vital to continue innovating and exceeding customer expectations to remain viable in the market. We are working hard to ensure the health and safety of our staff and partners, but we are also planning for what we are sure will be a bright and exciting future.”

May 15, 2020

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