Brockmans Gin set for travel retail debut as it builds on success in international markets

June 1, 2022

Brockmans gin, the largest privately-owned British super premium gin brand in the world in 2020 by IWSR, is set to make its bow in the travel retail channel. The brand sees the moves as a natural strategic progression as it builds on its admirable record of selling more than one million bottles in domestic markets across 55 countries last year. A historical £25million pounds marketing investment has created a strong and global awareness for the brand. Key domestic markets already penetrated by the gin include the UK, USA, Australia, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and multiple markets across Latin America and Asia. Brockmans’ 70cl is a 40% ABV product and is housed in its distinct opaque black bottle with its familiar logo. It has an RRP in the UK domestic market of £34.00, though the travel retail price is yet to be set and will vary from market to market. Brockmans CEO Guy Lawrence said: “We see moving into the exciting travel retail channel as a natural progression for the brand, building on our growing international reputation and market penetration. We have ambitious plans to grow our market share in 2022 and beyond, and we see entering travel retail as an important vehicle for achieving that. We are confident that Brockmans’ appearance in airport and cruise retail will be a great help in increasing the recognition of the brand across the world. “We are delighted to have secured the services of Jean-Philippe (JP) Aucher to lead our move into travel retail. His track record in the industry is an exceptional one, and as a result he is well-known by all the key travel retailers around the world. His input will help give us an exciting new dimension to the brand and a visibility in travel locations which is now central to our strategy going forward.” Brockman’s entrance to the travel retail market will be spearheaded by highly-respected industry executive, JP Aucher, who will lead on sales and distribution in the channel. Aucher departed Stoli Group in January this year, after a successful 12-year spell as Global Travel Retail Director, and is now representing a range of spirits brands, including Brockmans, through his new consultancy JP Global Travel Retail. JP Aucher said: “The team at Brockmans have excited me with their ambition and vision and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to represent the brand in travel retail. This is a brand which has huge growth potential, not least because it is already well-known to a lot of gin consumers around the world. “The distinctive and classy look of the Brockmans bottle and the great flavour profile of the gin contained inside make it a great product for travel retail. I am looking forward to speaking to contacts old and new about what I think is one of the most exciting alcohol spirits entries into the channel in recent times.” Brockmans has created an avant-garde twist on the classic English gin and is known for its bold and daring blend of traditional gin botanicals with others which are more unusual and non-traditional, such as liquorice root, blueberries and blackberries. The result is an incredibly smooth gin which can be enjoyed neat or in a variety of cocktails. Produced in the UK, Brockmans’ core product – which has a strapline of ‘The Properly Improper Gin’ – is slowly distilled in a 100-year-old copper column still. Unusually though, prior to its distillation Brockmans’ unique recipe of botanicals is steeped in pure grain spirit for up to 24 hours to release their natural oils and aromas, resulting in a complex and distinctive gin. The flavour profile is a vibrant and harmonious combination of the more conventional botanicals often found in gin production including angelica from Saxony, Bulgarian coriander and juniper berries from Tuscany, balanced with Brockmans’ more unusual choice of ingredients. A softly-rounded flavour is created with the use of dried wild blueberries and blackberries from northern Europe, while bitter-sweet orange notes are naturally present with the use of dry Valencian orange peel, and almond oil provides the luxuriously smooth mouthfeel.

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