Spotlight on M&M’s® in Cannes with innovations that let travellers Connect and Celebrate

Mars Wrigley Confectionery International Travel Retail is revealing new travel retail exclusive innovations at TFWA World Exhibition & Conference this year (Bay Village, 9). Encompassing brands, products, packs and campaigns, the focus for 2019 will be led by M&M’s® - the largest confectionery brand worldwide. Guaranteed to drive disruption and fun on the global travel retail shop floor, thanks to its humanised Red and Yellow ‘star’ characters with other colours in support, M&M’s® has real universal appeal catering to ALL age groups and nationalities. As a first step, the company will be sharing news across the two most important need-states for confectionery: Connect and Celebrate – which together account for almost 90% of sales within the category. In Cannes this year, Mars ITR will be announcing a new range of products and packaging for M&M’s® as well as Skittles® designed to further drive sales of these much loved brands. In addition, details will be revealed of a new, travel retail exclusive advertising campaign that focuses on ‘Connect’, encouraging travellers to share a pack of M&M’s® during key moments of travel – such as waiting time or screen time. “Based on our most recent shopper insights that include exactly WHY travellers do or do not buy, we’ve created new product concepts for M&M’s®, supported by clever and engaging marketing, that will really appeal to all,” says Category Director Raghav Rekhi. “So watch this space and make sure to see us in Cannes this year!”

September 19, 2018

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