Schäfer Airport Retail launches new Interhealth brand of hygiene and safety products into airport retail market

Germany's Schäfer Airport Retail has launched a new range of hygiene and safety products into the airport retail market under the brand name Interhealth. The eye-catching range includes variants of disposable and reusable masks, hand wipes and disinfection gel. Already, substantial orders for the range, which comes with the highest standards of certification, have been secured in seven EU countries – Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, Austria, Cyprus, Italy and Denmark – and the UK. Now, Schäfer Airport Retail is also targeting non-European markets with the new Interhealth range, including Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and South America. Disposable, CE approved 3-ply face masks are available from Interhealth in five and ten packs, manufactured to EN14683 medical device standards, as recommended by the EASA protocol for passenger safety. The premier mask product in the Interhealth range is a cotton, reusable three-layer face covering. Washable and ironable, the masks come in five different colours. They are manufactured in Europe and rated Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, one of the world's best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. These masks are available in men's, ladies' and children's sizes with instructions in multiple languages. Completing the core Interhealth range is a hand disinfectant gel with over 70% ethanol for use against 99.99% of all bacteria, fungi and viruses. The gel is effective against coronavirus and contains glycerine for increased skin moisture. It holds ECHA approval and is EN 1500 and EN13727 approved. The gel is available with localised instructions and labelling according to local requirements. For retailers, the health and wellbeing whilst travelling Interhealth range comes with two point of sale free-standing display unit options. They are sized at 28x17x19cm (ideal for small till units) and 52x17x19cm (to house the complete Interhealth range). Schäfer already has extensive experience in manufacturing and supplying health and safety products having supplied products to market – including more than four million masks and eight million sanitiser bottles – through its Move brand earlier this year. John Woodhouse, Schäfer Airport Retail Managing Partner, said: "We had really good success with our health and safety Move brand products, but we didn't want to get the products confused with our electronic range and stores already well-established under that brand name. So we decided to establish a dedicated brand for health and safety in Interhealth, to further the business in that area. "All of the products contained in the Interhealth range are of the highest quality on the market, with their own point of sale units, ready to sell at all passenger touch points. I think the hard work we have done in researching and implementing certifications that cover the requirements of a wide range of country markets for all of the products in the range will give us an important edge in what is already a very competitive market." He added: "Our ambition for the Interhealth brand is to firmly establish the range as a market leader in travel retail. We believe that these products are going to be commonplace in airport retail for many years to come. "Having been involved in the health and safety category from an early stage of COVID-19, we are well-positioned to become a market leader in travel retail for personal protective equipment of a quality and standard that you can trust." For every pack of five masks sold, Interhealth will donate the cost one mask to the retail host airport's designated charity. EDITOR'S NOTES: Interhealth is part of the Schäfer group. Based in the German Rhineland Pfalz region, the group focuses on sourcing, manufacture and retail of consumer products in the healthcare, electronics and toys segments. Management are experienced in joint ventures and smoothly running multi-national projects. They are specialists in OEM and logistics managing products from factory to end consumer. Their know how draws from experience leading multi-million euro projects with private and state partners in Europe and Asia. The Schäfer group is managed by Joachim Schäfer, with 30 years experience in product design, sourcing and manufacturing.

October 8, 2020

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