Safety with style: Nuwave Channel Partners introduces the Natura with eKO:sense Mask to travel retail market

Nuwave Channel Partners has spotted a gap in the travel retail market for comfortable and stylish-looking masks, as travellers seek protection in the COVID-19 airport environment. Its Armor London brand has unveiled the Natura with eKO:sense Mask, which comes in four colours. With masks becoming compulsory in most airports, the UK-designed Natura – with its main material made from 100% sustainably-sourced organic hemp – comes with a variety of important benefits for the wearer. Customers can choose from four smart colours: Emerald Green, Gun Metal Grey, Powder Pink and Charcoal Black. The Natura is supplied with two replaceable five-layer filters, which are effective in blocking the vast majority of airborne particulates, including even the very smallest nanoparticles. It also comes with an activated carbon filter for additional air purification and heat dissipation. The mask – which retails at £14 (US$17.73) – keeps the owner’s face cool in summer, with its built-in air filter, along with UV protection. The product is also washable/reusable. The Natura is also supplied with a soft silicone neckband, which makes the mask more comfortable to wear. Unlike most masks on the market, it avoids irritation and soreness behind the ear – commonly found with prolonged face mask use. The high specification is completed by adjustable ear bands and a metallic nose strip. Replacement carbon filters can be ordered directly from the Armor London website, as required. To cap off the stylish mask’s appeal, Nuwave has added the Natura to its environmental-friendly eKO:sense suite of products. In addition to being made from sustainably-sourced organic hemp, the mask comes in biodegradable packaging. Nuwave Channel Partners CEO Hoj Parmar said: “The Natura mask is another great addition to our range of products aimed at meeting the advanced hygiene and safety needs of travellers. We saw a gap in the market for a more attractive-looking, fashionable mask and we are very excited about the product’s prospects. “The Natura’s many benefits include being very comfortable to wear, which is in stark contrast to many other masks on the market. Overall, it’s a combination of benefits that will appeal to both the consumer and travel retailers looking to add a stylish, environmentally-friendly mask to their product offering.” Nuwave Channel Partners has made the pledge that for every face Natura mask order received, it will donate a face mask to frontline key workers in the UK.

June 16, 2020

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