PVM brings ‘Forever Fun’ Chupa Chups to Cannes and continues making connections with Mentos

Perfetti Van Melle is continuing its strategy of ‘confecting a sweeter future’ for international travellers around the world. Within this strategy is the launch of several new products and a growth plan focused on expanding the sugar confectionery category within travel retail. The strategy will be presented during this year ’s TFWA World Exhibition (Mediterranean Village, P17). New products for 2019 focus on core brands Mentos and Chupa Chups. To build on the great success of its travel retail exclusive Mentos Jumborolls, it will be introducing a new flavour - Mentos Mix on the Beach. This Jumboroll consists of eight single rolls comprising peach/orange, strawberry/banana, and passion fruit/mango, a mix of fruity drink flavours which capture the spirit of a relaxing holiday. The Mentos Jumboroll Mix on the Beach is great to bring home from vacation as a gift, or to share with family, friends or just anybody while travelling. It’s just so easy to connect with a little help of Mentos because ‘Who Says no to Mentos’. Also new this year will be the Chupa Chups Cupcake, a sweet plastic baking cup holder with 24 cupcake baking cups and 10 mini Chupa Chups lollipops on top, packaged in a small box. “The Chupa Chups Cupcake is a great gift for kids,” says Femke van Veen, Brand Manager Global Travel Retail. “They will love the lollipops included in the case and with the Chupa Chups Cupcake recipe on the back of the box they can get creative with their friends or family and bake a Chupa Chups cupcake at home. Once all the lollipops are gone the Cupcake itself can be reused as a cupcake baking cup holder.” Designed specifically for kids is a line extension to the Chupa Chups Smurf Markers, the Chupa Chups Hello Kitty Markers - which will become available in 2019. The Smurf Markers have so far been very successful in travel retail and are a great gift for kids to keep them entertained during travel. Now with the addition of Hello Kitty to the mix, PVM believes that it can pique the interest of an even broader range of young girls and boys on their travels. Perfectly suited to border stores thanks to its size and price-point is the new 600g Mix of Mini’s Silo that includes Fruit-tella, Dummies, mini Chupa Chups and mini Mentos. Just like last year’s Chupa Chups ‘Do you Love Me?’ silo, this item is great for sharing or to stock-up at home. PVM is introducing these new lines into a distribution channel where the sales ratio between chocolate and sugar confectionery continues to buck the global trend at 87%:13% (Global Travel Retail) compared to 55%:45% (Domestic). This variance in sales between the global market and travel retail is explained by the fact that approximately 50%*of confectionery purchases at airports are intended as a gift; most airports offer a wide range of chocolate gifting items while the sugar confectionery gifting selection remains much smaller – this presents both a challenge but also a great opportunity for Perfetti van Melle. In its effort to increase the retail focus on sugar confectionery, PVM’s focus remains on its ‘Must Have’ assortment, a selection of bestselling Mentos and Chupa Chups products that are perfect for gifting. “We want to make sure that these products are available at all major airports to all international travellers,” explains van Veen. “Not only do we want to be present at airports, we also want to be seen by the shopper. Visibility is very important for confectionery products because 60%* of purchasing decisions are made at the airport; shoppers are killing time and for confectionery this means that seeing is buying! Our unique and colourful displays will be used to attract customers to the store and into the confectionery category.” The Must Have assortment will be supported by our suitcase display especially designed for this range. Furthermore, it will be supported with a new promotional tool, an interactive multitouch screen with fun games that requires consumers to work together in order to win. This promotional tool was developed specifically for the Mentos and Chupa Chups brands, emphasizing that Mentos is all about connecting people while the Chupa Chups tagline is ‘Forever Fun’. The Multitouch screen will be available to try on the PVM stand in Cannes with three unique games, after which it will be sent to travel retail locations around the world to help people connect, have fun, and sell the Must Have assortment. “Another strategic pillar for Perfetti van Melle this year is optimizing the cash-till assortment,” continues van Veen. “As we see in other industries, the sales opportunity at the cash register is still undervalued but has great potential. Seventy-five percent of cash-till purchase decisions are made in-store which makes the POS very impulse driven. The only planned cash-till purchases we have been able to identify are for refreshment products such as gum and mints. Consumers expect to find these at the register, and plan to pick them up there. In addition to refreshment products we recommend that sweets and candies should also be available at the cash register (research shows that 48% of travellers would like to see them there). These products are very impulse driven and usually only require a small investment from the shopper which makes them the perfect fit. Seeing is Buying! “With our Must Have and cash till assortment, along with eye-catching and colourful displays, we are able to reach a large number of shoppers with a compelling offer,” emphasizes van Veen. “However we also rely on sales staff to sell our products. Thirty-six percent of confectionery shoppers interact with sales staff and 60%* of these shoppers are influenced by this interaction in their purchasing decisions. To ensure sales staff stay well informed on the Perfetti van Melle offer, we have developed an eLearning system the covers our company, our brands, and our products via a short 20 minute interactive training session. This provides the knowledge needed to guide shoppers to the right product. This eLearning will be available to watch on our Multitouch Screen in Cannes and we see it as an essential tool for retailers moving forwards.”

September 11, 2018

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