Nuwave Channel Partners releases stylish RFID-protected 100% vegan leather wallet into travel retail market

Nuwave Channel Partners, the travel retail product specialist, has unveiled an exciting offering from its British lifestyle brand, Armor London. The Armor London Assured RFID Collection 100% Vegan Leather Wallet is a RFID-protected credit card and cash holder manufactured in the UK from plant-based materials imported from Italy. The material is approved by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), animal- free, and certified by OEKO-TEX, one of the world’s best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. The ground-breaking material used is also certified by the USDA, which awards certifications to products after an evaluation of the product’s features and testing to verify its bio-based content. The wallet collection is designed for the digital age and is made from one of the world’s truest looking alternatives to real leather, produced from a sustainable corn-based material and manufactured with renewable resources. RFID protection technology protects debit and credit cards, blocking all RFID signals using a tech called RFIDsecur, developed and tested in the UK. It protects ID and payment cards being hacked, skimmed and cloned. There are two styles in the range – The Dalston (a name synonymous with veganism) and The Clerkenwell (a name associated with great design and creativity). The Dalston comes in five eye-catching colours, including Sunshine Yellow, Powder Pink, Orange Zest, Ocean Blue and Passion Red. Meanwhile, the ‘Clerkenwell’ comes in Black with distinctive Orange Zest, Ocean Blue, Powder Pink or Passion Red stripes. All wallets in the range can house six of the owner’s most valuable cards, with a central opening for coins, notes, or other small valuables. Each wallet is hand-stitched using upcycled nylon thread. The range is ‘powered by eco:sense’, a Nuwave Channe Partners overarching brand feature and label which reflects the fact that it manufactures products in an environmentally conscious way, with sustainability at the heart of product development. Nuwave Channel Partners CEO Hoj Parmar said: “We are immensely proud of this new UK- manufactured product, which comes with the very best sustainability credentials for a product of its kind. It’s a really important release for us into the environmentally conscious travel retail market and we have high hopes for its impact. “This smart, modern and contemporary product – which comes in a variety of highly marketable colour options – offers high margins and is small and compact enough to take up minimal trolley space for airlines or in airport retail/cruise ship stores. We look forward to discussing listing the products with stakeholders in travel retail.”

October 8, 2020

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