Nestlé International Travel Retail (NITR) is underlining its commitment to growing the confectionery category within the Asia Pacific region with high profile participation at this year’s TFWA Asia Pacific Conference & Exhibition (Basement 2- 2K29). General manager Stewart Dryburgh will be taking to the stage during the opening conference on Monday May 13th, to continue NITR’s recently announced drive to double the confectionery and fine foods category to $10bn in 10 years. Discussing the relevance of today’s typical travel retail offer to the passenger, and what changes need to be made across all product categories (not just confectionery), Dryburgh’s comments are based on new, ground-breaking research commissioned by NITR. Following initial findings revealed at the ACI Airport Commercial Revenue Conference in Reykjavik during March, Dryburgh will dig deeper into the untapped motivations and drivers to leverage category growth through greater sales conversion and higher spend per head. While Asia continues to spearhead travel retail growth within most product categories, confectionery and fine/other foods is one area where there is still unprecedented potential and opportunity for growth. “Traditionally, confectionery has not been as front of mind in Asia as in other regions. This is particularly among true of China, which is still a relatively ‘young’ chocolate market in comparison to the rest of the world. But we know this is changing and we know there are huge opportunities for confectionery, particularly given the gift-giving mentality of travellers within the region. Chinese New Year, for example, provides a strategic opportunity for a brand such as the iconic KITKAT® with its ‘lucky’ red packaging and innovative new formats and tastes designed to appeal to millennials.” Indeed, conference delegates will be able to sample for themselves the new KITKAT® Senses range during the afternoon coffee break, being sponsored by NITR in partnership with Incheon Airport. Ahead of key airport launches and activations that start this month, the new KITKAT® Senses Mini Desserts offer tempts with five mouth-watering flavours: Milk Chocolate, Tiramisu, Crème Brulée, Strawberry Cheesecake and Cherry Brownie. It certainly promises to be a very tasty coffee break session! The complete KITKAT Senses range can also be seen and tried on the NITR stand during the Exhibition, along with other KITKAT® formats, including the new KITKAT® 20th ‘CHUNKY ANNIVERSARY’ limited edition gift packaging for Milk, Hazelnut, Peanut Butter, or Mixed flavours depicting amusing ’90’s break memories such as: ‘Remember how much desk space your computer took up?’ and ‘Remember how high your platform shoes were?’ Also in the lineup for 2019 and receiving their official Asia launch are: SMARTIES® MUSIC CREATOR. The Smarties® Music Creator continues NITR’s remit to innovate with purpose, enabling children to develop their creative skills through a quality recorder and music sheet. The pack also includes a 38g hexatube of Smarties® to ensure children can enjoy delicious chocolate while they learn. The Smarties® Music Creator adds to a growing range of educational gifts which can be selected appropriately by using a dedicated learning archetype scoring system based upon child development insights. NITR’s successfully relaunched NESTLÉ SWISS® exclusive travel retail brand is aligned with millennial aspirations; travellers who are looking for spontaneous adventure and are willing to share and collect life experiences. Unique, different and exciting flavour experiences are met with new NESTLÉ SWISS ®195g TABLETS with visible inclusions and available in the following delicious flavours: Milk chocolate with Cranberries Almonds Hazelnut, Milk chocolate with Grapes Almonds Hazelnut, and Dark chocolate with Orange Zest & Cacao Nibs. All are perfect as a self-treat as well as meeting the gifting need through their distinctive and premium packaging. Also new is a beautifully packaged NESTLÉ SWISS® CHUNKS ASSORTED GIFT BOX, containing 20 chunks from five different flavours: Milk chocolate, Dark chocolate, Hazelnut chocolate and new Milk chocolate with biscuit cereals and Blond almond chocolate, both exclusive to the pack. Merchandising tools to best promote NITR’s core and new product ranges will also be demonstrated on the stand, including the iconic KITKAT® red ‘London Bus’ with its interactive digital features. Event participants can see this working live at Changi Airport, T2, where the bus is promoting the new KITKAT® Senses range, alongside sampling of KITKAT® Mini Moments and KITKAT® Two Finger bars from May 2. Activations will also be taking place at London Heathrow and Dubai International Airport from May and June respectively. Also on the stand will be the NESTLÉ SWISS® small gondola, SMARTIES® FSU and AFTER EIGHT® FSU. Tying all of the above together is NITR’s SOUL (Stories, Occasions, Unique, Local) framework that underpins the company’s travel retail strategy. “SOUL is how we bring all elements together - product innovation and uniqueness, brand stories, global and regional specialities - and deliver those to the consumer through compelling and powerful activations and promotions that touch all purchasing motivations and reasons to buy,” continues Dryburgh. “Our research has revealed new drivers that, we believe, can help us reignite the growth of this amazingly varied and exciting category. We look forward to discussing our findings with customers in Singapore – it’ll be a fun week and one where everything we do, we’ll do with SOUL!”

May 8, 2019

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