Mars ITR introduces new merchandising unit to meet MALTESERS’® gaining momentum in Global Travel Retail

An increasing number of travellers now ‘look on the light side of life’ with MALTESERS®, the crispy-centred chocolate balls from Mars Wrigley Confectionery. Following the launch of the brand in the US in 2016 and marketing focus throughout Asia Pacific, the UK’s popular bite-sized chocolate brand with a rich, 80+-year history, is now focusing more attention on its global travel retail presence. “We’ve seen significant interest and growth in the brand throughout the Asia Pacific region thanks to strong marketing efforts,” comments Raghav Rekhi, Mars ITR Category Director. “Consumers in Asia love the lighter chocolate experience and the malt flavour profile of Maltesers.” One market seeing significant growth is Australia, where the Maltesers brand has been present since 1979. Strong year on year growth has been driven by a number of strong domestic campaigns, with a heavy focus on social media. Additionally, Australia was the first market globally to launch a new TVC “Best Weekend” in January 2019. Now the number one chocolate brand in Hong Kong, Maltesers is finding increasing favour with the Chinese, experiencing significant sales growth since being introduced to the market in 2014. Mars Wrigley Confectionery International Travel Retail (Mars ITR) has reacted to increased demand in global travel retail with a new bespoke merchandising unit for Maltesers that is now available to retailers internationally. “We started with a Maltesers unit for a downtown store in Shanghai last year which proved very successful indeed,” explains Rekhi. “It’s very bright and eye-catching and the predominantly red packaging of the brand obviously works well in Asia.” “However, we considered that a smaller footprint would be more suitable for airports generally. We wanted a unit that would be adaptable and versatile for positioning wherever there was a possibility for a secondary siting and the result is a 60sq cm unit that’s perfect for purpose. We are now actively proposing this to retailers.” The unit holds a mixture of three Maltesers products: a 440g Bucket and 300g Pouch, ideal for sharing, and a 360g Box that is perfect for gifting. The premise of Maltesers is that Life is better when we don’t take things too seriously; with the right attitude the heavy stuff needn’t weight us down. Let’s laugh at ourselves and with our friends; see the glass as half full and look on the light side of life,” continues Rekhi. “That’s a premise that comes across very strongly in our global advertising and marketing campaigns and certainly seems to have hit the right spot with travelling consumers of all ages.”

April 24, 2019

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