Maison Lanson redesigns its champagne range and packaging of its bottles

Maison Lanson is continuing the renewal of our branding, initiated with our new communication campaign, by complete renovating our Champagne range structure. More coherent and consistent, the range gains in clarity by being structured around 10 cuvées. With the same objective of renewal, the bottles' packaging will evolve in a subtle way as of this summer 2020, with a focus on elegance and modernity. A SHORTER AND CONSISTENT RANGE Maison Lanson now offers a range of products in 3 sections: Five Champagnes for Core Range which illustrate the Maison's style: le Black Label Brut, le Rosé, le White Label Sec, le Black Reserve and le Blanc de Blancs. Three Champagnes, Rare & Exceptional, express a specific and specialised terroir and expertise of the House: Green Label, Vintage 2009 and le Clos Lanson. Two Cuvée de Prestige 100% Grands Crus sublimating an exceptional year: la Noble Cuvée Brut 2002 and la Noble Cuvée Blanc de Blancs 2002. A NEW AUTHENTICITY ELEGANT DESIGN Lanson bottles have evolved gently and subtly, with a new packaging to bring the presentation of the range into line with the values conveyed by the Maison. The bottle reinforces its identity and history. The Lanson Cross, inspired by the Maltese Cross, dates back to 1798 when the founder's son, then a member of the Hospitaller Order of Malta, decided to adopt the Cross as the emblem of the Maison. A symbol of kindness which became the emblem of Lanson Champagnes. The bottle display the Royal Warrant, a distinction awarded to Lanson by Queen Victoria in 1900 and which the Maison has kept without interruption until today. The founding date of the Maison, 1760, has also been highlighted to emphasise our history and time-honoured expertise. The Rare & Exceptional Cuvées each display their own wonderful specificity: the special year for Vintage, the organic vineyard for the Green Label and the unique plot for the Clos Lanson. AN INFORMATIVE BACK LABEL Maison Lanson has rethought its back labels by focusing on greater transparency and more precise information. It is now possible to know for each cuvée, the details of the blends, the dosage, the harvest base, the reserve wines, the date of disgorging and the traceability of the bottles. Through this approach, the Maison promotes its expertise and underscores the precise and exceptional quality of our wines to the consumer. The gift boxes have also been reworked to be both more education and gift-like. No extravagance in this redesign, but a delicate and contemporary approach to reinforce the uniqueness and values of the Maison Lanson.

October 8, 2020

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