Large isn’t always better with Rossi D’Asiago

Liqueur specialist, Rossi D’Asiago is ending its year on a high with the announcement that it will be launching a new addition to its Sambuca portfolio, Antica Sambuca Classic 5cl. Available from early 2017, the new miniature sized bottle has been developed especially for airlines and cruiseships, giving the brand a new route into the travel retail channel. Export Director, Nicola Dal Toso comments, “Our full-sized bottle is ideal for the airport shop floor, but we realised we would need to adapt its size if we wanted to offer our Sambuca both inflight and on ships. The new size is perfect for airlines and cruiseships that want to offer something different to drink to their passengers, and don’t want to just stick to the usual spirit choices.” Currently only offering the Classic Antica Sambuca in the new 5cl, Rossi D’Asiago aims to release additional flavours in the near future. Adds Dal Toso, “Our Antica line offers a wide range of flavours including: Liquorice, Raspberry, Banana, Apple, Coffee, Cherry and Tropical. For the moment we have just focused on our classic Antica Sambuca product, when the timing is right and there is more of a demand, we will add to the portfolio with more flavours.”

December 7, 2016

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