Imperial Brands furthers commitment to innovation and CSR with Rizla

At this year’s TFWA Asia Pacific Conference & Exhibition Imperial Brands will introduce three new concepts for its iconic Roll Your Own (RYO) brand Rizla – providing global travel retail and its customers and consumers more and modern additions to its well-established and uniquely comprehensive range. Rizla Polar Blast. The world’s number one rolling paper brand brings a timely innovation to the RYO market – the revolutionary Rizla Polar Blast. Offering the solution to the impending European Menthol Ban with the ease and appeal of Factory Made Cigarette (FMC) “crushballs”, Rizla Polar Blast is a squeezable filter tip that uses a clickable crushball allowing for a minty taste on demand. The crushball continues to move from strength-to-strength in the FMC category (with a current market share of more than 15%) and this pack of 60 extra slim crushball tips will surely satisfy the evolving needs of modern adult RYO smokers and is certain to have broad appeal. Rizla Natura. Natural RYO tobacco is growing and Rizla Natura is the perfect unbleached and 100% biodegradable range for eco-friendly smokers who prefer non-additives and natural RYO tobaccos. The full range is responsibly sourced with “tree-free” rolling papers and packets printed using vegetable-based inks. The earthy, natural colours and cool, organic feel have helped to make Rizla Natura the biggest and fastest growing RYO category in Spain (up 3.5% on last year). Now global travel retail has the opportunity of similar success with the good feeling of eco-consciousness, by offering its customers the chance to join the nature-friendly movement while enjoying the renowned Rizla quality. Rizla Bamboo. Yet another first from Rizla, the first to use rice paper, the first to use ready-gummed edges, Rizla Bamboo is the world’s first rolling paper with the strength and flexibility of bamboo. Inspired by the fast-growing super plant’s best attributes, Rizla Bamboo is sustainable, 100% tree-free, bio-degradable and chemical-free. A flexible and super strong rolling paper in premium, soft-touch packaging, Rizla Bamboo is super adaptable and easy on the conscience – a further example of the legendary RYO brand’s expertise in adapting to developing tobacco trends. Says Jorge Arias, Global Director of Global Duty Free and Rizla Business Units “Rizla is the #1 Rolling Paper brand in the world, sold in more than 120 countries and with more than 200 years of heritage. We never settle, Rizla is at the edge of innovation offering consumers a comprehensive range of products. “We’re confident that these new products will ensure that Rizla’s range continues to be the most comprehensive, innovative and responsibly sourced in market,” adds Christian Münstermann, Sales & Marketing Director Imperial Brands GDF&E. “By offering Rizla Polar Blast, Rizla Natura and Rizla Bamboo to global travel retail we aim to satisfy the evolving needs of discerning, modern and responsible adult RYO smokers across the globe.” “We’re excited about the changes we’re making to the trade with consistent examples of our commitment to Global Connections while addressing global and regional consumer needs,” continues Münstermann. “We’re very much looking forward to introducing these new products to our customers in Singapore this year.”

May 10, 2019

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