Illva Saronno brings iconic Bitter to travel retail in new look bottle

Illva Saronno, the company behind Disaronno, the world’s favourite Italian liqueur is exhibiting at TFWA World Exhibition (Green Village M52) with its iconic Bitter, Rabarbaro Zucca, repositioned and launched for the first time to travel retail. With the trend for Bitters growing over the past five years in the domestic market and the liqueur now a vital part of the mixology world, Illva Saronno believes this is the perfect time to launch the product into the travel retail channel. “We initially relaunched the Rabarbaro Zucca with a fresh new look into the US domestic market in April 2016 and the feedback has been exceptional.” Says Domenico Toni, Illva Saronno’s International Sales Director. “With this in mind we felt the global stage of travel retail would be an excellent platform to reach a wider global consumer. Bitters have become increasingly popular with bartenders over the past few years, after being introduced by influential mixologists. Long gone are the days of Bitters collecting dust on shelves; today they are recognised as a quality craft brand, and used daily in bars all over the world. This we believe provides us with a great opportunity for the brand in travel retail,” adds Toni. Made from an infusion of Rhubarb Rootstocks and a secret selection of rare herbs, Rabarbaro Zucca captures an appealingly delicate flavour. Zucca is made using the root of the true Chinese Rhubarb, which grows only in the mountainous regions of the Gansu Province. A striking new bottle design brings Rabarbaro Zucca up-to-date whilst retaining its original heritage by showcasing three medals won during in early 20th Century exhibitions: 1906 Milan International, 1911 Turin International and 1935 Brussels International. With the year of production, signature of Ettore Zucca, Grand Cross of Honour, Royal House Patent, Savoy Royal Family Recognisition and the Italian King Vittorio Emanuele III’s Effigy, the bottle itself is something to be treasured. “TFWA World Exhibition is the perfect platform to release new products to the channel such as Rabarbaro Zucca. Retailers are looking for something unique and interesting; a product that will draw potential customers in, Rabarbaro Zucca does just that!”

September 19, 2016

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