Disaronno® Highest New Entry Award 2020 at Asia’s 50Best Bars is BEE’S KNEES

The 2020 Asia’s 50 Best Bars has finally been revealed during the live-streaming event of the 14th May. “In this moment of profound change, we at Disaronno® are delighted to support the bars and the bartenders from all around the world. Every crisis hides opportunities and only the most ingenious, like this global community is able to be, will create new approaches for the world that will come”, said Stefano Battioni, Managing Director of ILLVA SARONNO Wines and Spirits. Disaronno® – at the first year of sponsor as Official Italian Liqueur Partner – is also proud to support the winner of the Disaronno Highest New Entry Award, the BEE’S KNEES in Kyoto, Japan – reaching the position n. 21 in the list. The Bee’s Knees is a speakeasy-style bar in Kyoto. His menu is focused on a twist-on-classic menu that changes every season. The Disaronno cocktail created for this occasion by the Head Bartender Toru Ariyoshi is called “Codex-D”. “The inspiration of this drink comes from the Disaronno® legend linked to Bernardino Luini, pupil of Leonardo da Vinci, who painted the “Madonna dei Miracoli” at the Sanctuary of Saronno. I like to imagine they had a sort of secret code of a drink they loved to share together. The cocktail is made with Disaronno®, roasted cacao-nibs infused in a milk-washed VSPO cognac and a twist of a fresh orange zest”.

June 16, 2020

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