Chabot’s Napoleon Reserve and XO Superior get high class packaging makeovers

Super-premium Armagnac brand Chabot has introduced two new stylish gift boxes which will contribute significantly to two of its flagship products standing out on travel retail shelves. The upgraded packaging – for Chabot Napoleon Reserve and Chabot XO Superior – has been introduced to increase these two signature Armagnac products’ appeal as a gifting proposition among travellers, as well as in the wider spirits market. Chabot Napoleon Reserve is now presented in a classy deep green box made with the finest materials and the liquid is housed in the well-established, striking dark green frosted bottle. Napoleon Reserve, which holds the proud status of the best-selling Armagnac in Asia, is aged up to 20 years with a nose of plums and oak. It comes in 70cl and 1-litre sizes. Chabot XO Superior’s presentation has also had a makeover with an elegant gold on black premium gift box now housing its iconic crystal cut glass bottle. The liquid contained within is a brandy with a unique blend of Armagnacs, aged for up to 35 years with a nose of plum and almond. XO Superior is available in three sizes: 70cl, 1-litre and 1.5-litres. In an added twist, both new gift boxes for Napoleon Reserve and XO Superior have double-sided artwork, allowing the retailer to choose the side with a classy square in the centre, or the other side with a bottle shape outline, which is more playful. Kathleen Gentzbourger, President of Chabot Armagnac, said: “We’re really excited to introduce this fantastic super-premium new look for both Chabot XO Superior and Chabot Napoleon Reserve. “The upgraded presentation will add to Chabot’s status as one of the world’s top-selling Armagnac brands and must-haves for premium spirits collectors. “The new packaging makes this an ideal impulse purchase for gifting and is sure to stand out on travel retail shelves. “These latest design innovations are another great example of the visually-appealing nature of our signature Armagnac products and we are confident it will contribute to our strong growth in the duty free spirits category.”

July 22, 2019

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