Chabot’s ‘Coeur’ packaging for XO Armagnac proves a travel retail success

Chabot reports that its ‘Coeur’ gift-boxes are giving a significant boost to the brand’s already strong standout appeal on travel retail shelves, now appearing on shelf in various locations including Changi, Baiyun airport in Guangzhou, Taoyuan airport in Taiwan and will soon be available onboard Korean Air. The visually-striking ‘Coeur’ luxury gift boxes – one in silver and one in gold – join together to form a heart, a word which translates to Coeur in French. The related decanters are a premium design for Chabot, matching the gift boxes with silver and gold colouring. The products come in a 50cl size, containing one of Chabot’s flagship Armagnacs, the 40% ABV XO. The elegant packaging is topped off by a magnet closure, with a message card inside the heart – making it the perfect gift for lovers (and lovers of Armagnac). Reflecting its outstanding packaging, the liquid inside the gift boxes is the noble Chabot XO Armagnac, which is aged up to 30 years. It has a shiny caramel colour, with a nose of almond, plum with a slight sugar cane scent. Its taste features a strong and powerful finish, with spicy and long-lasting aromas. Kathleen Gentzbourger, President of Chabot Armagnac, said: “The smaller 50cl size and the super-premium packaging makes this an ideal impulse purchase for gifting and offers real stand out on travel retail shelves, as well as being perfect for inflight sales. It’s also perfect for enticing dark spirits drinkers to try Chabot for the first time and experience for themselves the rich layers of flavour that makes Armagnac so special and so unique.” The Coeur shape formed by a combination of the two boxes, in silver and gold, will give this product an extra edge on shelf, and will be sought after for any premium spirits collection. “This design innovation is another great example of the visually-appealing nature of our signature Armagnac products and our innovative approach. It is definitely contributing to our strong growth in the travel retail channel,” adds Gentzbourger.

June 18, 2019

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