Celebrate World Cucumber Day with Hendrick’s!

June the 14th sees the annual “World Cucumber Day” take place; a global campaign by William Grant & Sons for Hendrick’s gin in celebration of the curious green fruit and its remarkable virtues. Hendrick’s is oddly infused with rose and cucumber, so this is the perfect opportunity for Hendrick’s to reaffirm its ownership of the signature cucumber serve and make it globally famous by establishing a unique, scalable, integrated campaign centred around World Cucumber Day. Through the campaign, new audiences are invited into the Hendrick’s brand world, while offering existing fans a new opportunity to interact with the brand. Global Travel Retail plays an important role in the campaign, with activations taking place globally in the run up to the ‘big day’. This year’s campaign idea is ‘Cultivate the Unusual,’ which will transform the cucumber into a metaphor for the unusual, while increasing awareness of Hendrick’s unique serve. Based on using plant science, Hendrick’s is encouraging people to take part in a World Cucumber Day experiment to grow and relate to a cucumber (virtually on Facebook or in genuine soil), culminating in a very special Hendrick’s & Tonic on World Cucumber Day. In GTR, activations will be taking place at a number of key airport locations including The Cloud Bar in Changi Airport and London Stansted, offering travellers the chance to enjoy the original Hendrick’s & Tonic. During the cocktail making process, consumers are able to engage in the final stage of cultivation, preparing the cucumber ready for joining with the signature serve, with the Hendrick’s Hand Pump Slicer. The pump-like device pushes the cucumber through a series of blades that results in slices of cucumber falling into the clear compartment below ready to be added to the cocktail. Supporting the activation, promotional offers include either a free 50ml bottle with purchase of one bottle of Hendrick’s or a tea cup candle with every purchase of two bottles. “For travel retail, we will use iconic branding style, unusual furniture pieces, and striking theatre pieces and props, including wheelbarrows and hothouses, to attract consumers to the stand where they can then sample the product,” says Ed Cottrell, William Grant & Sons’ Managing Director of Global Travel Retail. The campaign follows research by one of the world’s pre-eminent botanists, Graham Brown from the University of Sydney, who has revealed cucumber plants are surprisingly sensitive, respond to the most unexpected stimuli and are receptive to human bonding. By applying a plethora of propagation techniques it’s possible to develop a meaningful relationship with the humble green fruit, which affects the cucumber’s growth, happiness and eventually its flavour. This has inspired a global experiment whereby green fingered enthusiasts will be encouraged to imitate Mr Brown’s experiment. Cucumbers the world over will be tenderly treated to music, spritzed with perfume and swaddled in luxury fabrics in observance of World Cucumber Day. Continues Cottrell: “Running a World Cucumber Day campaign provides the opportunity for us to demonstrate the curiously surreal personality of Hendrick’s and enable a wider audience to connect and engage with the brand.” Please visit www. WorldCucumberDayExperiment.com for more information and share content using #WorldCucumberDay To find out more about adopting your own virtual cucumber, follow this link - http://m.me/CucumberAdoptionService To watch the official campaign film, click here- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J35wHGcotDQ

April 18, 2017

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