Capi installs Philips pop-up barbershop

In the beginning of March, Capi organised a unique promotion with Philips to spectacularly introduce the new Philips OneBlade Pro, a revolutionary shaving solution. Capi transformed a part of its store into a pop-up barbershop to let travellers experience this new product in Lounge 1 at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. A perfect kick-start promotion to surprise travellers, to offer them an exciting experience and to generate high sales. The Philips OneBlade Pro is an all-in-one shaving styler to trim, shave and create lines and edges on any hair length, for both wet and dry use. The product comes with a precision comb for up to 14 different lengths and a free travel pouch. Since Capi always tries to inspire and surprise travellers, the leading airport retailer of consumer electronics created a real nostalgic barbershop in its store. The barber shaved and groomed travellers with the OneBlade and gave them styling advice to create a lifestyle experience rather than a detailed description of the product specs. Peter Wiggers, Managing Director Royal Capi-Lux states: “This barbershop promotion is meant to create an exciting experience for travellers searching to be inspired and entertained during their dwell time on the airport. The nostalgic barbershop with the barber, the dedicated Philips promotor and in-store promotions all lead to a valuable proposition for travellers where we are able to highlight our expertise in cutting-edge commerce.” Bart Logghe, Senior Sales Director Philips NL Personal Health indicates: “We are excited about our unique cooperation with Capi to offer the latest innovations and to create exclusive propositions for travellers. With the pop-up barbershop for example, we are not only able to offer travellers a high-quality trimmer, but also something extra; a unique experience at the airport.”

March 9, 2017

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