Aurora World takes new winter range to Cannes

This year at the TFWA World Exhibition, plush toy specialist Aurora World will be showing its Winter 2019 collection to travel retail buyers, just in time for the festive season (Green Village, K67). Available in travel retail stores from November 2019 to February 2020, the winter collection offers travel retail operators an irresistible offer at the number one gift giving time of the year. The popular Sparkle Tales range sees many new wintery additions including: Igloo Polar Bear – a 12” polar bear with icy blue feet, a smaller 7” Eira Polar Bear is also available. Jingle Reindeer – an adorable 12” reindeer with golden hooves and silver antlers, a smaller 7” Noelle Reindeer is also available. Blizzard Husky Dog – a grey and white 12” husky with blue eyes and silver ears and feet, additionally available is a smaller 7” version, Aspen Husky Dog. Grayson Wolf – dark grey and beige with golden feet and ears, available in a 7” size Lumi Penguin and Misty Penguin – grey and white with icy blue feed and under-wings and adorned with shiny silver spots on their bellies, available in 12” and 7” sizes. In addition, the ongoing trend for unicorns is met with Tutti Unicorn – a 7” plush unicorn with a rainbow mane and purple hooves. Also available in the Sparkles Tales range are key chains and various other characters in a range of shapes and sizes with prices ranging from €5 to €25. Glitzy Tot, a brand new line in Aurora’s portfolio, features two 8” adorable Reindeer, available in pink or white. These are already selling very well and proving to be a perfect addition to the ever-growing Aurora range. Says Garry Stoner, Travel Retail Sales Manager, has solid performance results that show the importance and relevance of adding a seasonal plush collection: “Last year, Aurora saw an 39% sales uplift in the winter period compared to the previous year. We can attribute this to the fact that more retailers are giving increased space to the plush category over the festive period. We calculated that over 150 airport stores tried the concept for the first time last winter, increasing average plush spend from approximately €11.55 to €13.99,” he says. Also new to Aurora’s plush portfolio is Shaun the Sheep, from the popular animated series about a sheep who thinks and acts like a person – usually getting him into trouble! Aurora World now has the majority global rights to plush for the brand and, after successfully introducing it to buyers earlier this year at the Singapore show, is now bringing the character to Cannes. The new Shaun the Sheep collection includes: Shaun the Sheep 8in Shaun the Sheep 12in Shaun the Sheep Backpack Shaun the Sheep Key clip Stoner continues: “We saw great interest for Shaun the Sheep at the Singapore show, and expect the line to be in very high demand due to the upcoming kids movie, ‘Farmageddon: A Shaun the Sheep Movie’, coming out in October. “TFWA World Exhibition is our key travel retail event and each year we return with a wider range of characters and increased industry business results that together create a compelling argument for more retailers to build and grow their plush offer instore.”

September 1, 2019

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