Accolade Wines to introduce Echo Falls 250ml wine in cans format to the travel retail industry in Cannes

Accolade Wines will be presenting an exciting new addition to the travel retail beverage alcohol market at the upcoming TFWA World Exhibition & Conference in Cannes (Yellow Village Stand D26). The drinks specialist will be exhibiting its new range of wine in cans from its popular brand Echo Falls. Echo Falls is the second largest wine brand in the UK and the largest brand (with 75% share) in the fruit wines category, which grew +3.2% year-on-year in 2018. Research has shown Echo Falls to have the second highest brand awareness and the highest brand loyalty among wines in the UK. There are four varieties of wines in the Echo Falls 250ml can format. These are White Zinfandel (ABV 10%), Merlot (ABV 13%), Chardonnay (12% ABV) and finally, the variant Summer Berries Rose Fruit Fusion. The latter is a lower alcohol option (5.5% ABV) and taps into the rising trend of sparkling fruity drink fusions. Accolade is mainly targeting the 18-24 year old segment with the wine in cans format, an age group which, according to research, is looking for an easy-drinking sweeter-styled drink. Also on show at the upcoming TFWA event in Cannes will be selected brands from Accolade Wines wide-ranging wine portfolio, with a particular focus on premium wines and GTR exclusives. The selection of wines being presented – including Hardys, Grant Burge, St Hallett, Petaluma, Flagstone, Kumala, Mud House and Banrock Station – offer a wealth of choice across colour, grape and country of origin. In addition, Accolade’s foray into the spirits market will presented in the form of Echo Falls Summer Berries Vodka, which is already performing very strongly in selected accounts and the new, Echo Falls Pink Gin. Completing the spirits portfolio is Stone’s Gin, which is now available for travel retail. This gin’s traditional juniper is complemented by bursts of citrus and spicy cinnamon and has a unique ginger kick. The Stone’s brand has been a leading producer of “all things ginger” for approaching 300 years, with its roots going back as far as 1740 to the Finsbury Distillery. Looking ahead to the 2019 TFWA World Exhibition & Conference, Rupert Firbank, Commercial Director Global Travel Retail, Accolade Wines said: “We’re very much looking forward to presenting the wine in cans format from our popular Echo Falls brand for the first time. We see this is an exciting new avenue for growth, a format with real potential in travel retail and for airline retail in particular going forward. “As ever, a range of wines from our branded portfolio, many of which already have a strong foothold in travel retail, will be on show and we look forward to discussing their merits with buyers at this great showpiece event in Cannes.”

August 13, 2019

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