Accolade Wines returns to Cannes with an upgraded portfolio

Following the regional launch of its Hardys Rare Fortified range, Accolade Wines comes to TFWA World Exhibition (Red Village J2) to release the exquisite wines globally to travel retail buyers. The range of 4 rare wines received high praise at TFWA Asia Pacific and has so far resulted in listings with Heinemann in Sydney Airport. The project, that took just over 18 months to complete, consists of wonderful reserves of aged fortified wines, matured in barrels over a set number of years. The range includes: the Hardys Rare Show Sweet White (only 150 bottles produced), the Hardys Rare Liqueur Sauvignon Blanc (346 bottles produced), the Hardys Rare Tawny (864 bottles produced), and the Hardys Rare Muscat (784 bottles produced). Rupert Firbank, Commercial Director, Accolade Wines, comments, “The initial feedback from the Singapore show was remarkable, we were really thrilled. These wines have been presented before at Hardys events and they have always gone down a storm, so the team decided it was about time we presented them to travel retail.” Accolade will also be showing the new vintages of the Eileen Hardy and Hardys HRB ranges, which are some of the finest and most awarded wines from Australia. Additionally, Accolade will present a new South African wine from Flagstone called Flagstone Velvet a fantastic Red Blend with amazing velvet tannins. “Over the last few years the wine category has grown from a relatively small service sub category to a mainstream category. There is still a long way to go, but the growth has been very encouraging. Shows like TFWA World Exhibition are a great way of meeting and talking to retailers, explaining how the wine category is a vital addition to the shop floor, and showing them the amazing variety of wines we have to offer at a variety of accessible price points,” adds Firbank. Accolade Wines’ New World Wine portfolio includes: Hardys, Mud House, Da Luca, Grant Burge, Viña Anakena, House of Arras and Geyser Peak.

September 14, 2016

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